EmsanaCare helps your employees maintain robust health by guiding them to the best doctor for their precise needs. We always start with Advanced Primary Care, the foundation for good health. But when the situation calls for a specialist, we know who the real experts are and who can see your employees without delay.

Advanced Primary Care: Medical Home of Excellence

Specialty Experts Tailored to Each Employee’s Precise Needs

Integrated Care: Better Outcomes at Lower Cost

For Your Employees. Find a top-rated PCP in an Advanced Primary Care (APC) center with better experience, outcomes and 24/7 access. We only contract with APCs who meet the high standards of the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH) System of Excellence. That way you know the APC has informed referrals, provides team-based care and has primary care, behavioral health, health education and coaching.

For You. Peace of mind, knowing that PBGH has vetted each APC that we contract with. And the PBGH System of Excellence helps us continually monitor the quality of care delivered—so you know you’re getting lower total costs and high member satisfaction.

Truly Advanced Primary Care

For Your Employees. Our in-depth market knowledge and proprietary scoring algorithms allow us to refer your employees to only top-performing specialists. Our team of Care Connectors search until they find the top doctor for each employee’s precise needs. And we make the appointment—allowing your employees to skip-the-hold.

For You. Peace of mind, knowing your employees are seeing the top performing physician fitted for them. Tailored incentives that drive engagement. High touch, Care Connectors who guide and advocate for your members throughout their healthcare journey.

Superior Specialty Care

For Your Employees. Fragmentation is the enemy of good care. EmsanaCare fosters teamwork between specialists and primary care doctors and measures that cooperation. Is there a common game plan? Is there a common goal? As the nexus between the high-value APCs and top-performing specialists, EmsanaCare unites what was once fragmented.

For You. Peace of mind, knowing that your employees are becoming healthier and more productive. We minimize the work for your staff, simplify implementation, create one consolidated monthly bill, all with one turnkey contract.

The Power of Integration

Guiding Your Employees to The Right Exam Room

Our unique insight elevates the standard of care for your employees' health.

Before they plug the doctor’s address into their GPS, your employees need to know which doctor is right for them. Unless their sister-in-law is a doctor, it’s likely they don’t know. The health plan provider directory doesn’t give a star to physicians with better outcomes. Google doesn’t know. . What distinguishes EmsanaCare is our deep local knowledge, our insights gained through conversations with the provider, detailed review of the provider care notes, and very importantly, direct feedback from employees like yours.

We understand the importance of reliable, measurable data. That’s why we start with the very best physician ratings, derived from artificial intelligence algorithms that measure what really matters to both employers and their employees.

  • Appropriate care—is it medically indicated?
  • Effective Care—does it work?
  • Reasonable cost—to both employee and employer.

While others stop there, EmsanaCare adds our local insights, painstakingly gathered by our highly experienced assessment team. EmsanaCare spends the hours needed to determine which doctors are true experts, so your employees save valuable time and can see beyond just doctor credentials.

We do the tedious work of making the appointment with the right top doctor, so your employees avoid the frustration and waste of precious time on hold.

EmsanaCare Rewards Card

Empowering Your Employees’ Health Journey

Presenting the EmsanaCare Card, an exclusive rewards program that places value on every step your employees take towards their health. By accumulating benefits, the EmsanaCare Card boosts member engagement.

Instant Rewards: Employees earn dollars immediately upon registering and sharing their experiences post-appointments.

Flexibility in Spending: They use the accumulated rewards to alleviate health-related costs, or just grab a quick cup of coffee.

Cap Protection: The EmsanaCare Card allows employers to choose any limit, and tailor the uses without the need for wholesale plan design changes. Just a little something extra to let your employees know you care about their health.

Want to Elevate Your Employee Benefits?

  • Be the Strategic Visionary: Learn how top employers provide their teams with premium health centers, integrated approaches, and superior health outcomes.

  • Be the Employee Champion: Dedicated to offering the best for your employees? Bypass mediocre healthcare options, inflated costs, and mismatched care. Discover a brighter path with EmsanaCare.

EmsanaCare makes good care the easy choice.
And good care costs less!