America's workforce deserves connected healthcare

Give your employees the connection they deserve. EmsanaCare gives your employees the ability to simply text our staff of Care Connectors for advice and to set appointments with our directory of rated Advanced Primary Care and Specialist providers.

We know...

  • Who the real experts are

  • Who can see your employees without delay

Our vision is to provide an accessible, affordable, and high-quality connected healthcare experience​ to American employees and their families.

We do the tedious work to make the appointment with the right top doctor, so your employees avoid the frustration and waste of their precious time.

Leadership Team

Dane Guarino

Co-founder and CEO

Dr. Neil Smithline

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

Jason Cole

Chief Technology Officer

Cheryl Wooster

VP of Provider Partnerships

Aimee Boland

Business Operations Manager

Sara Voortmeyer

Care Connector Program Manager

Board Members

Elizabeth Mitchell

Dr. Arnold Milstein

Dane Guarino

EmsanaCare makes good care the easy choice.
And good care costs less!